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The Learning Adventure of a Lifetime

Things You Need To Know

Helpful products and services for your time in Australia. Please ask us about anything you might want to know about living in Australia.

TEXT BOOKS - the Bond University Bookshop besides your text books has Bond U clothing, always popular, order some on-line. Of course they have your text books too :)

FLIGHTS to Australia - STA (formerly Student Travel Australia) Check with who ever you book with the cost of changing a flight. They will charge from $50 to $300 so make sure you check this. Check pricing direct with the Airlines too.

QANTAS - daily direct to Brisbane - then shuttle bus to campus or off-campus housing
United Airlines to Sydney - then connect to either Brisbane or the Gold Coast
AirNewZealand - via Auckland New Zealand - then connect to Brisbane or the Gold Coast
AirPacific - via Fiji - then connect to either Brisbane or the Gold Coast
V Australia starting Mid 2009
Delta - starting mid 2009


Note: You skip 1 day when flying to Australia so book your ticket accordingly. eg. If you need to arrive on the 14th, you need to book your departure for the 12th

Australian CELL PHONE while there are a number of providors, students usually purchase a prepaid cell. Call costs are usually high though 60 cents a minute, Vodafone offers free calls to other Vodafone users. If you want to bring your US cell to Australia, check that it is quad band and can take a SIM card. Remember it does not cost to receive a call on Cell phones in Australia. Campus housing has a land line phone in each room.

CALLING CARDS - the Bookshop has a number of these on sale, call costs range from 1 cent per minute to the US, plus connect fees. Shout and Talk Tomato have good rates.

BANKING - ANZ bank (there are 2 ATM's on campus, no fees for students accounts)

POWER ADAPTORS & power leads - Usually all you need for your laptop is a new lead from the wall to the black box, these cost $8 Aud, and can be purchased on arrival. Remember hair dryers and hair straighteners will not work, so don't bring them. You can buy a plug adaptor for $12 Aud so US leads can fit into the 3 pin Australian power outlets from the Bond Bookshop or from Costco/BestBuy/Travel shops.

BICYCLES - the Gold Coast city is fairly flat so many students use bicycles to get around and cycle to the beach

VEHICLES - check out the local newspaper - the Gold Coast Bulletin to gauge what the market price is.

OFF CAMPUS HOUSING - Varsity Shores, University Place, Varsity Towers, The Reserve, The Capes, The Retreat, Central Park Apartments.

House/Condo Finder They are fee for service.

Select area GOLD COAST then Varsity Lakes, Robina