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Financial Aid

Financial aid comes from 2 areas 1) aid from the college and 2) aid from your home country.

Country specific Information is available for US students and Canadian students
Please select the applicable page for more detailed information about aid from your home country. General scholarhship information is listed below

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Scholarships / Bursaries
Scholarships - Deans Scholarships

College Scholarships / Bursaries

There are a limited number of Deans scholarships available. They are merit based and the number available vary per semester and may not be offered by some faculties.Download the Scholarship form Include your academic transcript and any letters of recommendation by your school counsellor or other appropriate people.

At this time full 100% scholarships are reserved for Australian students only, however, Bond awards partial scholarships to elite students on a merit basis.

Scholarships for International Students

The International Student Scholarships are newly established scholarships ( May 2009) available to undergraduate or graduate students around the world who have demonstrated outstanding academic ability (academic merit based scholarships).

25% to 50% of tuition fees of any undergraduate or graduate degree (excluding MBBS)

10 x 25% scholarships annually
10 x 50% scholarships annually

Available for international students only, for undergraduate and graduate study
Applicants must currently be or have previously been in the top 5% of their high school or university cohort or shown outstanding academic excellence
Students will be selected for scholarships based on outstanding academic ability. In addition, demonstrated leadership skills and achievements in extracurricular activities will also be considered. Students whose first language is not English must refer to and meet Bond University’s English Language Requirements.

To apply for an International Student Scholarship, please complete section 8 of the Bond University application form. When submitting your Bond University application, you will need to indicate in section 8 that you wish to be considered for an academic scholarship and include a personal statement outlining why you should be awarded a Bond Scholarship. References and certified copies of any other documents that will support your application will also be required.

The application deadline for our September semester 2009 is 30 June 2009. Successful applicants will be notified by the end of July 2009. For students with an offer for September 2009, they will be audited to see if they meet the academic entry criteria. If you feel you have applicants with offers for September 09, that fall in the requirements, then please ask them to submit a personal statement addressing why they should be considered for a scholarship. This will be helpful but not essential, as we are initially assessing based on academic results.

Details of future application rounds for future semesters will be published shortly. However, we can expect that the close date for future semesters will be 16 weeks prior to the commencing semester.

Undergraduate Programs : Dean's Bursary

  • Cover 10-40% of tuition (excluding Medicine).
  • Must have strong academic performance with A's and B's on transcripts.
  • Demonstrate strong leadership skills.
  • Extensive involvement in extra-curricular activities.

Graduate Programs : Scholarships

Business, Technology & Sustainable Development programs

  • 10-50% of tuition

Health Sciences & Medicine Honors

  • 50% tuition
  • Available only to students wishing to continue with the Honours Program after the completion of one of the following undergraduate degrees within the Health Sciences and Medicine faculty:
    Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences
    Bachelor of Children’s Services
    Bachelor of Exercise Science
    Bachelor of Forensic Science
    Bachelor of Sports Management
    Bachelor of Sports Science


The Dean's scholarships

Each application form has a section for scholarships. Every application is considered for the various awards if the student ticks the box and provides the supporting documents. The majority of scholarships awarded are merit based, 2009 will see some general non-merit based awards made. This is to assist students with airfares and accommodation.

Once a student arrives and commences study at Bond they can receive an award /scholarship for results they achieve at Bond. North American students must attend Bond for at least 1 semester before you can be considered for a bursary (partial scholarship). Provided you achieve a grade of over 85% in each class undertaken in your first semester, you will be placed on the Deans List and bursaries and academic prizes are then awarded to those high achievers on the Deans List. Awards do vary from faculty to faculty. Each faculty will hold an awards celebration in the following semester.

For a limited time the faculty is offer a number of merit bases scholarships for the following programs:-

School of Business
- Master of Business
- Master of Accounting
- MBA (Master of Business Administration)

School of Information Technology
- Bachelor of Information Technology
- Master of Information Technology
- Master of Business and Information Technology

School of Sustainable Development
- Master of Project Management
- Master of Urban Development and Sustainability
- Master of Urban Planning
- Master of Infrastructure Management

Scholarships will cover 10 - 50% of all course tuition fees, representing a substantial saving on your education investment.

Scholarships awards are based on academic merit; previous academic achievement as well as exam results and business experience will be used to evaluate scholarship applications. To apply for the scholarships, please refer to “Section 7 The Dean's Scholarships” in the Application Form.

Your complete application must be received by the following dates:
- November 1, for admission in the January semester
- March 1, for admission in the May semester
- July 1, for admission in the September semester
Download the flyer, but contact us for more information and assistance with your application.

A limited number of 25% scholarships are available to undergraduate students based on academic performance.
Students will be judged based on:
- High school academic results
- Work experience (if applicable) and extra curricula activities
- Leadership ability
- Participation in sporting and cultural activities

These are awarded on the basis of outstanding Community Achievements and are funded by Dr Padma and Hari Harilela. The Harilela Scholarships aim to look beyond a prospective student’s academic achievements by awarding bursaries to students who have strong community involvement and contribution.

- $5,000.00 cash bursaries awarded to domestic students in their first and second year of studying at Bond ($10,000.00 in total)
- $7,500.00 cash bursaries awarded to international students in their first and second year of studying at Bond ($15,000.00 in total)

The Padma and Hari Harilela Scholarships are available to commencing students in any of Bond’s three semesters. There are 8 scholarships available in total, 4 for domestic students and 4 for international students. In the first year 2 domestic and 2 international scholarships will be awarded.

- Available to Domestic and International students applying for an undergraduate or postgraduate degree.
- Applicants must demonstrate that they currently have extensive community involvement and contribution, as well as strong academic achievements.
- Applicants must meet the prerequisites and the admissions entry standard for their chosen degree.

- Submission of a 500-word personal statement outlining their community involvement and contribution, as well as personal attributes and academic achievements.

Selection Criteria
Individual applications will be assessed for entry into Bond University and the personal statement will be assessed against our criteria. Students must meet ALL eligibility points stated in order to apply for a scholarship.

Sport Scholarships

Sporting scholarships are awarded annually to an elite sportsperson. Applicants must be certified by the government body of their sport to be in the top 10 in that sport. Applicants with a higher public profile may be given greater preference by the University.


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