JANUARY 2010 News on Campus @ Bond University


Applications for Bond University’s Bachelor of Exercise Science have surged to an all-time high for 2010, with the quality of applicants’ entrance scores also increasing.

The demand for the Bachelor of Exercise Science is primarily being driven by the success of Bond’s Doctor of Physiotherapy (D Phty) – the first doctoral entry-level physiotherapy degree to be offered by an Australian university.

The two-year/six semester Bachelor of Exercise Science serves as a pathway into the two-year D Phty (also six semesters), enabling students to be eligible for registration as a physiotherapist in just four years of full-time study. Bond’s inaugural D Phty cohort graduated in May 2009 with all graduands successfully gaining employment.

Not all Exercise Science students have their sights set on physiotherapy, however. Current Bachelor of Exercise Science student, Alison Bullen has secured a position as a Respiratory Scientist at Brisbane’s Wesley Hospital and before she completed her Bachelor of Exercise Science. In line with Bond’s philosophy of maximising employment opportunities and outcomes for our graduates, strategies have been put in place so that Alison can complete the final semester of her demanding university studies while working with her patients at the Wesley. The Hospital has also adopted a flexible approach to working arrangements to help Alison achieve her goals.

The Doctor of Physiotherapy (D Phty) at Bond is distinguished by its problem-based curriculum and small group learning environment, with a ratio of one staff member to 8-10 students facilitating a very focussed and personalised teaching approach.

Applications are now open for the May 2011 intake into the Doctor of Physiotherapy. Demand has been strong for 2010, and is expected to continue into 2011. Contact for more information and application pack

Bond University is very happy to be able to offer a new internship proghram with Microsoft. Bond student who are completing their course requirements this semester, or have recently graduated or are looking to take a break from their studies, are eligible to apply for an internship with Microsoft in Australia, New Zealand or the US.

12 month paid internships – available in NZ, US, AUSTRALIA (mainly Sydney, however some opportunities exist in the other capital cities)

Disciplines options for 12 month program
· Software and Hardware Development
· User Experience
· Finance
· Human Resources
· Marketing
· Technical Consulting
· Sales

3 month paid internships – available in NZ & US

Disciplines options for 3 month program
· Software and Hardware Development
· Information Technology
· Explore Microsoft
· Human Resources
· Finance
· Marketing
· Technical Consulting
· User Experience
· Sales

Applicants take advantage of the Accelerated Pathways into this program. The pathway bypasses the standard assessments and enables an applicant to directly proceed to Microsoft for interview consideration- this is an extremely advantageous path as applicants on the accelerated pathway literally avoid the mass pool of applicants that apply to Microsoft each year and go directly to the interview consideration stage. Applicants must meet the eligibility requirements.


According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, an estimated four percent of the population suffers from diabetes – and Bond University Assistant Professor, Dr Neil Smart, is on a mission to educate and create awareness of this overwhelming problem.

“While four percent may not sound like such an alarming number, it represents only those cases that have been detected and diagnosed,” said Dr Smart.

“The reality is that many more people are living with the risk of heart failure and high cholesterol without even knowing it.”

Dr Smart hopes to produce a program that will be adopted by medical authorities nationwide by developing a telemonitoring study/research project, aimed at encouraging Type 2 diabetes patients to maintain healthy lifestyle practices by offering regular and sustained follow-up.

“While many people are aware of the risks of diabetes and are seeking help, the level of consistent monitoring of the problem by medical professional following initial detection is almost non-existent,” he said.

“Consequently, patients lose the motivation to stay on top of their eating and exercise program and are reverting to their old bad habits.”

When it comes to diabetes, he says, there’s no quick fix – it’s all about hard work and maintaining better lifestyle practices in the long term.

Dr Smart’s project involves participants coming to Bond University for an initial assessment and health check, and being given a personalised program to follow at home. They will then receive a weekly follow-up phone call, asking them to report on their progress and encouraging them to keep up their routine.

Through this research, he hopes to establish if a system of weekly personal monitoring will help patients adopt the program into their health routine on a permanent basis.

“If this program is successful and subsequently implemented by medical authorities, it would not only save people from having to enter hospital for diabetes-related problems but also save thousands of dollars in medical expenses,” said Dr Smart.

Bond University is the first university in Australia to offer PayPal as an online payment option for paying university fees. Students can now choose to pay their fees securely 24/7 using PayPal, while the University’s administrators can process payments made online more efficiently.

PayPal is Bond’s newest payment option in a bid to offer students more choice and convenience when paying their fees. “We selected PayPal in order to facilitate tuition fee payments because it’s a trusted and convenient service,” said Nickie Pruden, General Manager of Finance at Bond University.

“PayPal will be particularly helpful to our international students as they can make online payments with ease and with the added peace of mind of knowing that their financial details are secure.” PayPal provides students with a secure online payment option, enabling them to send money without sharing any financial information. With PayPal, students can choose to pay their fees using a debit or credit card, bank account or PayPal account balance.

A team of five talented business students will travel to Russia to represent Australia in the world’s largest and most prestigious strategic management competition. The students, Samuel Cochrane, Jack Stevens, Pieter Joubert, Chris Taylor and Jevan Hayward, will contest the Global Management Challenge (GMC) International Final in Russia in May 2010 after winning the National Final in Sydney on the weekend.

They formed one of two Bond University teams that were among the top eight qualifying teams to contest the final from a field of 64 student, corporate and mixed teams Australia-wide. The win served to strengthen Bond’s reputation as the most successful Australian university in the GMC competition since it commenced here in 2007, having qualified for all three national finals and contesting the international final last year as Inaugural National Champions.

Sam Cochrane was part of the young team of undergraduate students that travelled to Bucharest last year to compete in the international final, and he has found himself standing on the winner’s podium once again this year. “Our aim is to go one better this year, and hopefully improve our international placing from fourteenth in the world, to the best in the world!” Sam said.

“I think the main ingredient that we were missing in Bucharest last year was experience. Now that we’ve done it for a few years, I think that we have the know-how to step up and compete with those international teams who’ve had the experience, and hopefully come out on top. “We’ve all been working really hard to prepare ourselves for the pressure and time constraints imposed in the Grand Final. In the next few months we’ll be looking to fine tune our business models, touch up on our Russian and buy the biggest, warmest overcoats we can!” he said.

Team mentor Baden U’Ren, an Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship at Bond University, said the students' success lays testament to the emphasis placed on Global Strategy within the subject offerings at Bond. “We strive to deliver a cutting edge education with a global context, and we are very proud of the efforts of our students. Competitions such as the GMC provide students an outstanding forum in which to apply the skills learned in lectures to real-world scenarios," he said.

The Global Management Challenge will celebrate its 30th year this year. Since 1980, over 400,000 students and business executives have participated and companies involved globally include Accenture, Allianz, Cadbury, Coca-Cola Company, Microsoft, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, IBM, Procter & Gamble and more.

· Porter Novelli public relations
· Interactive Specialist Eservices group
· CSM Strategic Brand Promotion


· Hands-on experience with three market leading Melbourne agencies
· Exposure to some of Australia’s best brands and best clients
· Work on major accounts and projects
· A serious challenge that will build your knowledge across all marketing disciplines


· Bright, enthusiastic, creative people
· Team players passionate about marketing and brands
· Graduates of any discipline who can start work in Melbourne

Can competing in triathlons make you sick?

This is the question being investigated by Bond University Health Sciences and Medicine Honours student, Michael Kakanis, under the supervision of Associate Professor Dr Sonya Marshall as part of a Queensland Academy of Sport (QAS) scholarship. Entitled Impact of high volume, high intensity training on elite athlete immune function, the project will examine whether intense endurance exercise, such as cycling and competing in triathlons, effects an athlete’s immune system.

“Essentially, we are looking at the immune system following a bout of exercise,” said Michael. “At the moment we are VO2max testing our participants to establish a benchmark. Sampling of various immunological parameters will be measured before exercise and then in the following one, two, three, four and twenty-four hours.

“Any suppression in the immune system caused by exercise will be monitored closely.” The main aim of the research is to test The Open Window Theory, which states that athletes’ immune systems are weakened after endurance exercise, making them more susceptible to becoming sick, particularly with respiratory problems.

“The Open Window Theory has not yet been proven, or even monitored closely enough to conclusively establish it as a tangible theory,” said Michael. “This study is the first of its kind to seriously address the proposition.” Through this research Michael is not only hoping to figure out a way to monitor and treat ill athletes but maybe even prevent them from becoming sick.

“Once I have finished my Honours I would be looking to continue with a PhD scholarship from the QAS, which would most likely follow on from this current project by examining areas such as dose-response relationships,” said Michael “This will hopefully lead to an improved ability to monitor training loads compared to infection risk.” As a cyclist and triathlete himself, Michael jumped at the chance to take on the QAS research scholarship for his Honours studies after he finished his undergraduate Sports Science degree.

The QAS scholarship provides Michael with the funding necessary to allow him to focus on the research project full time, when he is not competing. Ultimately, Michael hopes to use his theoretical and technical knowledge in the sports science industry to direct or manage a professional cycling team in Europe.


On the last day of lectures (12/04/09) the final year students in Bachelor of Exercise Science and Bachelor of Sports Science had a race against staff around the 2km perimeter of the beautiful Bond University campus.

The first person to cross the finish line was Dag Hilland from the staff team in 7 min 05 sec. The first female to cross the finish line was Stephanie Pullman a final year student in Bachelor of Exercise Science in 8 min 20 sec.

The Race Marshall of the 2K GRAB was Cameron Green, a mature age student who will complete the Bachelor of Exercise Science in December with hope to enter The Doctor of Physiotherapy in May 2010.

The 2K GRAB is now scheduled into the 2010 calendar for those students in the Bachelor of Exercise Science and Bachelor of Sports Science who are about to enter their final year in 2010.


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Joe Semos, alumnist of Bond presented the Investment Banking Careers Workshop. Joe has 15 years financial services experience, started off with CSFB as a junior analyst, spent 5.5 years at Suncorp building their M&A department and was promoted to Co head of M&A at 29, had a team of 31, Joe completely managed the acquisition of Promina, $AUS 8 billion deal.

In the Middle East, Joe is head of Investment Banking for SHUAA Capital, the largest and most dominant investment bank in the region. There he manages a team of 18 staff, ranging from SVP down to Analysts, in the past 3 years Joe have been in the top 3 Islamic Investment Bankers in the entire region by way of transactions completed and revenue generated, number one, last year.