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MAY 2008

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Applications are now open for September 08 (closing May 30), January May and September 09 intakes, Bond has a rolling admissions system, and there is no application fee.

The Master of Marketing is a specialised program that will prepare students for senior level positions in marketing management, services marketing, brand/ product management, market research and marketing communication. The Master of Finance will groom students with a business background for careers in investment banking, stockbroking, foreign exchange trading, commercial lending and portfolio management. Finance students will gain the competitive edge with simulated trading experience in the Macquarie Trading Room. This state of the art facility is equipped with dual screen technology displaying live and streamed data from Reuters 3000 and Bloomberg professional.

Dean’s Scholarships of up to 40% of tuition fees are available for the new Master of Marketing and Master of Finance programs. The Master of Marketing and Master of Finance programs can also be combined with the Master of Business Administration program, enabling students to complete a double masters program in five semesters (one year and eight months) of full time study. For more information on the Master of Marketing or Master of Finance programs or the double degrees MBA/ Master of Marketing or MBA/ Master of Finance please contact rob@collegedownunder.Net


Virgin's boss, Sir Richard Branson, made a last minute visit to Bond University yesterday for an innovative business discussion with Bond students, Alumni and staff. The event, organised by the student Bond Investment Group, was attended by over 600 people in the Cerum Theatre.

The forum, led by Bond student & Director of the Bond Investment Group, Brandon Sowers, was Q & A style, giving the attendees an opportunity to ask Sir Richard Branson questions. Bond Alumnus and Sir Richard’s right hand man, David Baxby, also spoke at the forum about his time at Bond and how he got to where he is now.
The British entrepreneur told a packed auditorium that his biggest thrill in business at the moment was the creation of five space shuttles that will eventually take paying passengers into orbit. “One day maybe, we’d love to set up in Australia,” Sir Richard said


Australian student visa comes with right to work

International students will now be granted Australian visas with work rights attached, removing the need to make an additional application when they arrive in the country.
Students are still not allowed to work until they have started their course, though, and the hours they can work have not been changed. This applies to both students and any family members travelling with them on their visa.
Work rights give students permission to work up to 20 hours a week while their course is in session and unlimited hours during scheduled course breaks.
The cost to apply has changed, too. Previously, most student visa applicants paid a total of $490.00 — an initial $430.00 for their application and $60.00 in Australia for the separate permission to work. Now they will be required to pay only one charge of $450.00 as part of the combined application.
Immigration minister Chris Evans says the adjustment has been designed to reduce red tape and allow for more efficient use of immigration department resources.
Almost 230,000 student visas were granted to people from 191 countries in the year to June 2007.
For further information read Permission to work arrangements for student visa holders on the Department of Immigration website.


The Honourable Justice Michael Kirby AC of the Australian High Court officiated the April 11 launch of Bond University's new Centre for Forensic Excellence - the first forensics research centre in Australia that draws together the inter-disciplinary fields of science, law and criminology. The Centre for Forensic Excellence represents collaboration between Australia’s foremost authorities and researchers in these distinct but increasingly inter-related fields: Pioneering DNA expert, Dr Angela van Daal; leading criminologist, Dr Paul Wilson AO; and criminal law specialist, David Field, who also serves as the Centre’s Director. "The primary purpose of the Centre is to act as a focus for research in all aspects of forensic studies as they are applied to the justice system," said Associate Professor Field. "It is not just about the development of new scientific processes in isolation, or criminal psychology as a stand-alone issue, or the pure application of law. "Rather, the research and activities carried out at Bond University’s Centre for Forensic Excellence will be driven by the need to consider each of those elements within a coordinated framework and to develop a common language between these specialist areas that seem to have no obvious common ground – or, as one of our founders put it, to ensure that everyone involved in the justice system is ‘singing from the same hymn sheet’." The core team of foundation researchers will be supported by a high profile Advisory Board, headed by Director of the Australian Institute of Criminology, Professor Duncan Chappell.The Board also includes the Director of the Australian Federal Police Forensic Services, Dr James Robertson; Senior Director of the Queensland Health Forensic and Scientific Services, Greg Shaw; a senior member of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal; a representative from the Queensland Police Force; and a number of respected legal professionals. The Honourable Justice Michael Kirby, one of Australia’s longest-standing High Court judges, will serve as the Centre’s Patron (pictured right with Associate Professor David Field). "Our team of researchers and advisors has taken on the challenging task of bringing the worlds of forensic science and law closer together," said Associate Professor Field. "It is a task we all believe will ultimately have a significant impact on the way justice is applied both here in Australia and worldwide. "We are already seeing how advances in scientific testing and technology are challenging the established legal protocols on a daily basis in our courts. "As such, the need for a coordinated and co-operative approach has never been more apparent." Initial research has already commenced at the Centre for Forensic Excellence, examining contentious issues such as the reliability of breath-testing equipment and the blindness of the so-called ‘eye-witness’. Major future projects include a world conference on bioterrorism which is currently in the planning stages for next year and collaborative projects on the dilemma of dangerous prisoners and what has become known worldwide as the Observer Effect in forensic testing.

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Sport is a big industry for Australia and the Gold Coast. Warm all year climate, world-class facilities and sports science expertise make the Gold Coast a premier training destination for the world's elite athletes. Boasting over 33 elite training facilities, including Gold Coast Stadium, an open air stadium with capacity for 18,000 people, Skilled Park, an open air stadium with capacity for 25,000 people, Palm Meadows Baseball Park (skinned to international standards) and Gold Coast Athletics Centre with artificial track surface and photo-finish.
In addition to these impressive facilities, the Gold Coast also hosts several world class sporting events including:
*The Mondial Australian Woman’s Hardcourts Tennis
*Gold Coast Triathlon –Luke Harrop Memorial
*Pan Pacific Masters Games
*Gold Coast Airport Marathon
*Conrad Jupiter’s Magic Millions Horse Racing Carnival
*Australian Lexmark Indy 300
The Gold Coast is also proude to be home to two national sporting teams, the Gold Coast Blaze (basketball) and the Gold Coast Titans (rugby league) - we may soon be home to a national soccer and / or AFL team. This all adds up to significant employment and work experience opportunities for our students.


Bond University, with its strong reputation for delivering quality education, is now confirming its place as a research partner of choice by providing world class research services to industry.

Bond is advancing its research activities at break-neck speed, with a staggering 87% increase in external research funding recorded over the previous year. In the same period, the University also announced its first multi-disciplinary research centre, was awarded its first commercialisation grant, and experienced a record number of Higher Degree Research student enrolments.

Pro-Vice-Chancellor of Research at Bond University, Professor Chris Del Mar, says that research is an integral part of Bond’s success. "With a research profile ranging from cutting edge to intensely practical projects, Bond University is at the forefront of ‘new thinking’, developing innovative solutions to real world problems," Professor Del Mar said.

"Our success is built on devising workable solutions, tailored to suit the specific requirements of our regional, national and global industry and government partners," he said. The University’s burgeoning research portfolio facilitated the establishment of three University Research Centres last year, in the fields of forensics, health informatics and sports.

"Each Centre combines the expertise of two or more Faculties, allowing for collaborative research ventures among our Academics and creating a vigorous research culture," Professor Del Mar said. Professor Del Mar pointed to the University’s interdisciplinary Research Centre for Forensic Excellence, established in September 2007, as an example.

"The Centre combines expertise from Bond’s Faculties of Law, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Health Sciences and Medicine, so it encompasses all aspects of forensic studies," he said. "Patron of the Centre is the Honourable Justice Michael Kirby, of the High Court of Australia, and Advisory Board members include well known individuals such as the Director of the Australian Federal Police Forensic Services, a senior member of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal and Senior Director of Queensland Health Forensic and Scientific Services."

He said the primary purpose of the Centre would be to undertake research encompassing all aspects of forensic studies and facilitate an ongoing dialogue between the various stakeholders in the forensics process – from the laboratory to the courtroom. "We will be assisting all those engaged in forensic disciplines to begin speaking in a common language, replacing what currently appears to be a ‘dialogue of the deaf’ between specialists who have no obvious common ground.

"Perhaps it is unrealistic to expect to be able to fully educate lawyers in the mysteries of molecular biology or forensic psychology, (and vice versa), but we feel there is much to gain from inviting an exchange of perspectives in a mutually supportive environment," he said.

The new Centre for Forensic Excellence joins a rapidly growing portfolio of University-wide, and Faculty-based Research Centres at Bond University, that offer expertise on topics ranging from New Media and Education to Global Trade and Finance.

The extensive expertise and technological resources that exist at Bond University are made accessible to industry and government through the Bond University Research and Consultancy Services (BURCS). "BURCS provides the link to researchers who can help with providing innovative, timely solutions to business problems or investigating R&D opportunities," Professor Del Mar said.

Services offered by Bond University include: Contract or commercial research, Specialist advice , Testing and analysis, Program evaluation, Feasibility studies, Expert witness opinion, Contract/project administration, Identification and preparation of research funding application,s Student projects and internships


In a major new research initiative, Bond University Vice-Chancellor, Professor Robert Stable, has approved the establishment of the Bond University Institute for Sport Research Centre (BUISRC), involving staff from three Faculties; Faculty of Health Sciences & Medicine (HSM), Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences (HSS) and Faculty of Law. The Director of the Research Centre will be Dr Bon Gray, from the Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine.
Dr Gray, envisages that the BUISRC will become a leader in sport and exercise-related research both in South-East QLD and in the wider Asia-Pacific area.
The BUISRC will operate in collaboration with both the Bond University Institute for Sport (BUIS) and a range of government and non-government organisations, including key national sporting groups and health-care providers. Many of the Centre’s research activities will be conducted in association with the teams and squads of athletes operated by the BUIS, in sports such as swimming, beach volleyball, and the football codes.
Current research and consultancy projects within the Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine are focusing on anti-doping strategies (Dr Bon Gray & Prof Angela van Daal, funded by the Commonwealth of Australia, Department of Health and Ageing), exercise dose-response relationships in aerobic training in women aged 65-74 years (Prof Greg Gass and Dr’s Minahan and Sabapathy, funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council), sports public relations (Assoc Prof Maria Hopwood with the Queensland “Roar” football club) and sports law (Prof Jim Corkery, Editor of the Sport Law eJournal).
In addition, a “fee for service” testing of athletes and other members of the public will be available.


Kate was then asked to join the Defence Team of Général Gratien Kabiligi – the former head of military operations of the Rwandan Armed Forces, who was on trial at the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, charged with genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes (Right with the Général and her team).
Kate’s most interesting post has been Rwanda, which lasted over two and a half years. She travelled around Africa meeting witnesses and collecting evidence, and was part of the team that presented General Gratien Kabiligi’s defence before the international tribunal.

Kate is now living in The Hague, and is working for Judge Shahabuddeen of the Appeals Chamber of the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, and is in her second year of a PhD in international criminal justice.

Ginger Henson (931)
Congratulations to Ginger Henson and Brennan Howard, whose movie Low is a finalist in the 10th Annual Method Fest Film Festival (Hollywood, California), sponsored by the Los Angeles Daily News. Ginger and Brennan were both very surprised when they were informed of this special honor. This festival has been attended by some major stars including Dennis Hopper, Jeff Bridges, Julia Harris, Martin Landau, Joe Mantegna and many others. However, more importantly than the participation of movie stars, is the attendance of major movie and TV executives. Based on the release from the Los Angeles Daily News, in the ten year history of the Method Fest Film Festival located in the Los Angeles area, over 100 new movies have been sold direct to the TV and DVD markets.



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