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January 2008

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I am pleased to be able to share some of the activities and achievements of Bond University students, faculty and alum with you in the newsletter below. It is always an exciting time at Bond. The new January 08 semester is just beginning with students coming to town from around the word to get back to their normal life of study. Welcome to all of the new students I have assisted in coming to Bond, enjoy your studies and your Australian experience. To those about to graduate in the February ceremony - Congratulations, and thank you for all of your kinds words.


Don't forget AUSTRALIA DAY is January 26!

Students now require TWO years work experience, not three NO GMAT is required.
Students without a bachelors degree may be accepted in to the program, with 5-8 years solid work experience Credit exemption is available and will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.
Don't forget that there is a compulsory Orientation for MBA students, which counts as a subject, that starts 2 weeks prior to Week 1. The start date for the MBA is 25 August, 2008


Effective from 1 September 2005, the two year study requirement for Masters Programs to be eligible for Permanent Residency points was redefined so that students who completed four semesters of study in 16 months would be considered to have fulfilled the two year study requirement. This amendment accommodated Bond University’s academic calendar which is structured to facilitate accelerated progression by offering three academic semesters in each calendar year.

The DIMA website states that, "'Completed' means that the student has have met the requirements for the award of a degree, diploma or trade qualification". The website also confirms that completion of study is the "first date on which the tertiary institution publicly notifies you that you have met the requirements for the award". At Bond University this happens on Tuesday of Week 2 of the subsequent semester when the list of students eligible to graduate is posted on the University’s website.

For example, students who commence studies in January 2007 on Monday 15 January (Orientation commences 8 January), and receive results on Tuesday 20 May 2008, will have completed 16 months, two weeks and one day of studies.

For more information, visit the DIMIA website

sports clubhouse opens

Bond University has another first class addition to its sporting facilities with the opening of its Sports Clubhouse. Federal Government Member for McPherson the Hon. Margaret May MP officially opened the clubhouse on Thursday November 15, providing both players and spectators with new, professional-level facilities and amenities.

Funded and supported by the Bond University Sports Association (BUSA - pictured), the Bond University Sports Centre and the University, the Sports Clubhouse will become the home of sport for Bond students and community sports partners, including Rugby Gold Coast, the Northern Eagles Soccer Club, Hockey Burleigh, Gold Coast Cricket and the Robina Roo’s Australian Rules Football Club.

BUSA President Tom Clarke said the opening of the facility marked an exciting new era in the sporting culture of Bond. "It is the vision of the Sports Centre, BUSA and the University that the sporting facilities here at Bond are developed and used to the highest level," he said. "We (BUSA) will certainly make the most of the new clubhouse and ensure that the quality of sporting events at Bond is better than ever," Tom said.

The clubhouse, boasting a prime position on the wing of the rugby field, is the perfect social setting for sporting events with its large undercover deck and kitchen facilities. Fitted with toilet and changing facilities, offices and a storage area, it is an exciting inclusion to the Bond campus. An inclusion BUSA says is "not only necessary for the development of the University’s sporting program, but for maximising the educational and life experience Bond offers all its students".

In opening the facility, Margaret May MP said the addition of the clubhouse spoke to Bond’s commitment to a holistic approach to education that wasn’t just about educating the mind. "Bond has an impressive record in the sporting arena and I hope this clubhouse produces some great champions for the future - for Bond University and for the community as a whole," she said. BUSA was quick to put the clubhouse to use, hosting a Business vs Law rugby game on opening afternoon. A huge crowd gathered to watch what turned out to be a thrilling game, with the Law School narrowly defeating Business 26 – 24

FUNding awarded for new building on campus

The President Professor Robert Stable is very pleased to advise that the Australian Federal Government has approved $3 million in funding (payable in 2010) towards the cost of the new building for the Bond University Mirvac School of Sustainable Development. The funding, from the Australian Government's Higher Education Capital Development Pool, follows detailed submissions and persistent representation by our hard working Chancellor, Mr Trevor Rowe AM. Minister for Education, Science and Training, the Honourable Julie Bishop MP announced the funding on October 3. This is an outstanding result which has significantly helped our endeavours to construct Australia's first education building awarded 6 star status by the Green Business Council of Australia.

On behalf of the entire Bond community, the President sincerely thanked Chancellor Trevor Rowe and our local Federal Member, Mrs Margaret May MP, for the tireless work that they have done to achieve this excellent outcome. For those who have not seen the plans for this innovative new building, they are currently on display on the Ground Floor of the Chancellery. The design of the building includes a Living Laboratory which will be available for school and community groups to visit to see 'sustainability' in action. This will be a fantastic resource for the Gold Coast.

casting a line for success

But for 2005 film and television graduate, Rodrigo Urbano from Mexico, that’s exactly where his Bond degree has taken him – and in much less than five years. Within a month of graduating from Bond and returning to Mexico City, Rodrigo had scored a plum job as Casting Assistant for Carla Hool Casting.

And before the year was out, he was giving Mel Gibson a hand, casting the Mayan-speaking roles for his blockbuster, Apocalypto. Rodrigo came to Bond fresh out of high school and made his presence felt on campus as the first Latin and first film student elected to the Student Council. He also founded the Film and Television Student Society and served as President in its first year, earning a Res Council’s Community Service Award for his contributions to campus life.

Rodrigo chose Bond University due to the reputation of our Centre for Film, Television and Screen-Based Media and the fact that he could gain an internationally recognised university degree in just two years. "In Mexico, the film schools award a certificate but it has no university or international industry recognition," he said. "When I graduated in 2005, Bond’s Centre for Film, Television and Screen-Based Media was ranked as one of the top ten film schools in the world.

"Having a film degree from such a highly regarded institution, coupled with the fact that I’d studied overseas, really made a big difference when I started going to job interviews back home in Mexico." Not that he would have gone for a lot of interviews: It took Rodrigo only two weeks to land a job with Carla Hool Casting and he was soon working with some of the biggest names in the business, casting Mexican and American feature film productions.

Two years after joining Carla Hool, the agency’s growth and success encouraged the opening of a Los Angeles branch; whereupon Rodrigo was promoted to Casting Associate and head of the Mexico office at just 24 years of age.

So far this year, he has worked with Oscar-winning director, Steven Soderbergh on his back-to-back Che Guevara biopics, Guerilla and The Argentine, as well as Disney’s South of the Border and Focus Features’ Sin Nombre. If that’s what he can achieve in just two years out of uni, there’s no telling where Rodrigo will be in five years’ time.

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from uni to dili

Bond Uni law student Andrew George has already spent five months in the sweltering tropical heat of Timor Leste, and he still has one month to go. He's part of the Australian Government response to help restore peace in that country. Andrew has taken a break from his law studies and put on his Air Force Reserve uniform, and he’s now on duty as a watchkeeper with the International Stabilisation Force in Dili. Andrew joined the Reserve in 2001, and has already seen active service in the Middle East. This is his first tour of duty in Timor Leste.

"It’s a peacekeeping mission, and getting Timor Leste back on its feet is something that I believe in passionately," said Andrew. "It can be tough on the Aussies too, working in field conditions with heat and disease — but someone has to do it! "I serve as a watch-keeper on the Headquarters staff. My job includes general coordination and assisting in the military response to civil disruption.

"There is no doubt that our actions here and now will shape the future of this country for several generations to come. I feel privileged to be a part of that. "My most recent memorable moment was distributing rice to a school in a remote part of the country, not far from Balibo. I had about 150 kids rush up and start kissing my hands — just because of respect for the Australian uniform.

"They are real battlers here. Families are ravaged by disease such as tuberculosis, leprosy, dengue and malaria, yet they are always happy to say hello, and Timorese hospitality cannot be faulted. But Andrew is also looking forward to returning home. "What can I say? Peacekeeping is no holiday and Uni seems so far away!"

Andrew is one of about 850 Australian Defence Force personnel currently serving in Timor Leste as part of Operation Astute, the Australian Government response to the Timorese Government request for assistance in restoring peace to their country. As part of the International Stabilisation Force the Australians are assisting the Government of Timor Leste and the United Nations Police to provide a secure environment for all East Timorese

living at bond - rooms upgrade & refurb

The Australian Research Council has recently granted $279,000 in funding for 2008 – 2010 for research into how the Australian criminal justice system could best deal with the preventative detention of ‘high risk’ offenders.

Professor Patrick Keyzer, Deputy Dean in the Faculty of Law at Bond University, and a team of highly regarded scholars from Monash University, the University of Technology Sydney, Florida and Scotland, will use the funding for a project called Preventive Detention of High Risk Offenders: The Search for Legitimate Parameters.

The project aims to look at the way in which preventative detention laws operate internationally, and whether they are consistent with national and international civil rights principles.

It will critically evaluate the international law, constitutional and criminal justice dimensions of current Australian preventive detention schemes. Alternative international approaches to the management of high risk offenders, such as orders for lifelong restriction and treatment programs mandated though mental health legislation, will also be analysed in order to find the most effective and workable strategies.

Professor Patrick Keyzer joined Bond University in 2007. He is a barrister who has argued cases in the High Court of Australia, has written seven books, edited ten books, and has previously received grant funding from the Australian Research Council and the Criminology Research Council for projects examining the topics of liberty and detention.


Bond week - january 7 - 11 Semester 08 1

Here are some of the activities we've got planned for this semester:
Australia Zoo - See the native Australian animals that the legendary Steve Irwin dedicated his life to on an organised trip to one of Australia's most famous attractions.
Learn to Surf - It's not as easy as it looks! So we've arranged lessons at the Byron Bay Surf's Up Day Trip.
Club Sign-On Day - This is always heaps of fun. We've got more than 40 social and sporting clubs here on campus so you're bound to find something that interests you.
Official Welcome - Our Vice-Chancellor, Professor Robert Stable loves catching up with the students and tries to meet as many as possible while they're studying here.
Wednesday by the Water - The fun continues all through the year with our weekly free barbeque by the lake, organised by the Student Council.

There are plenty more events and outings happening during Orientation Week and throughout the year.


This month we recognise the achievements of Associate Professor Kuldeep Kumar, Adjunct Assistant Professor Carolyn Salam, Bio-medical student and body builder Adam Kennedy and scholarship winner Annelise Nielsen.

Congratulations to Associate Professor Kuldeep Kumar who was invited as Key Note speaker at the Second Annual SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) Banking and Finance Conference at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. His presentation on "Utilising Cutting Edge Methodologies for SME Bankruptcy Prediction" was very well received by more than 70 SME bankers from South East Asia.

A very deserving Carolyn Salam, Adjunct Assistant Professor (Law) was presented with a UDIA (Urban Development Institute of Australia) 2007 Women in Excellence Award on November 1.

Well done to body-building, bio-medical student Adam Kennedy for his recent string of four body-building awards in as many weeks. This is a record breaking achievement which saw him claim both the State and National titles. We wish Adam luck in his quest to claim the titles of Mr World and Mr Universe next year. Adam says his bio-medical studies enabled him to understand exactly what his body was going through in the lead-up to the burst of contests.

Congratulations to the Vynka Hohnen scholarship winner, Annelise Nielsen of the Presbyterian Ladies College in Perth.

Thanks to all those who made the Gold Coast Bulletin TXT4U Student Reporter of the Year Awards, held on the Bond Campus. Student Reporter of the Year winner, Chanelle Rodger from Varsity College, said her next goal was to be admitted into Bond's John Burton cadetship, where she would combine study with working as a cadet journalist at the Bulletin. Professor of Journalism Mark Pearson was a guest speaker at the awards ceremony and spoke about his own experiences in journalism

Congratulations to Dean of Health Sciences & Medicine Professor Chris Del Mar who, together with fellow colleagues Associate Professor Jenny Doust (University of Queensland) and Professor Paul Glasziou (University of Oxford), celebrated the launch of their book, Clinical Thinking: Evidence, Communication and Decision Making in late September (pictured above).

Well done to Professor John Wade who has been appointed chairperson of the Family Law Council. Attorney-General Philip Ruddock announced the appointment, saying "Professor Wade teaches law at Bond University and has excellent qualifications for this position. He has both extensive practical experience as a mediator and an international reputation as a leading author in family law and dispute resolution."

Professor Peter Jones has been appointed the new Deputy Dean (Medicine) with the Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine. Professor Jones is an experienced academic consultant Paediatrician, with special research expertise in the immunology of asthma, and broad experience in both undergraduate and postgraduate medical and health education. As the foundation Professor of Rural Health at the University of Newcastle, Peter established the University Department of Rural Health on behalf of the University of Newcastle, Northern New South Wales in Tamworth in 2002. He was also appointed as the foundation Director of the Newcastle University’s Medical School’s Rural Clinical School in 2006 and has run both the Rural Clinical School and UDRH for the University of Newcastle. His previous appointment was as the Senior Lecturer in Paediatrics and Child Health at the University of Newcastle.


Mr Des Clark (Former Director, Office of Film and Literature Classification) visited the Caulty of Humanities & Social Sciences discussing "Media Regulation in a Borderless Marketplace"

Are you allowed to read, hear and see what you want in the media you consume or is the Government censoring the media? The Office of Film and Literature Classification was closed in 2006 to move the administration of Australian ratings and classification into the administration of the Commonwealth Attorney General's Office.

We live in a time where increasingly rapid technological change is seeing very real and profound convergence in communication and entertainment formats, unprecedented expansion in the variety and availability of entertainment products to consumers, and the ongoing erosion of borders in the global marketplace. Our distinguished guests for this, our third Humanities seminar this year, is Mr Des Clark, the former director of the Office of Film and Literature Classification who will talk about censorship in a borderless marketplace and the unending spirit of people to communicate freely. Please join us for a thought-provoking presentation and discussion.
Mr Des Clark, completed his second term as Director of the Office of Film and Literature Classification in May 2007. Mr Clark oversaw significant increases in the range and volume of works classified by the Office and introduced new streamlined guidelines for film and computer games. Before the OFLC, Des Clark was the Chairman of the Melbourne International Film Festival from 1995 to 2000. Mr Clark's background was in visual arts, education and more recently government and corporate relations. He served three terms as a Councillor of the City of Melbourne and a term as Lord Mayor in 1992 - 1993.

Michael Merz Department of Marketing, Shidler College of Business, University of Hawaii presented “Affect Transfer from Multiple Product Categories: The Case of Comparative Brand Extension Advertising and the Moderating Role of Self-Construal” to members of the School of Business.

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