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July 2007

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In a major coup for Bond University, Nobel Prize winner Professor Myron S. Scholes, co-author of the highly respected Black-Scholes financial model, delivered a public seminar on campus yesterday.In his one and only public address during his current visit to Australia, Professor Scholes spoke on risk transfer, liquidity, and the role of hedge funds to a gathering of over 300 people.


Bond University staff and students, together with guests from around Australia, listened keenly as he provided his outlook for the global financial markets and the role derivatives have played in recent market developments.
Recipient of the 1997 Nobel Memorial Prize in economics for "a new method to determine the value of derivatives", Professor Myron S. Scholes is a world expert on derivatives with all binomial options models evolving from his original concept.

Professor Myron. S Scholes is the Frank E. Buck Professor of Finance, Emeritus, at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. He is also a Managing Partner of Oak Hill Capital Management, Chairman of Oak Hill Platinum Partners and involved in the private and public investment groups of the Robert M. Bass organisation.

High Court Justice Michael Kirby visit for bond law week

The 2006-07 Bond University Law Students Association hosted High Court Justice Michael Kirby during Bond Law week, in the Cerum Theatre. Justice Kirby spoke on how to become a High Court judge in 4 easy decades. Justice Kirby entertained the packed theatre with recollections of his early working career He spoke of the various interviews with law firms and his steps towards the appointment to the High Court. He concluded his talk with a "Jerry Springer" style walk through the audience answering questions on topical social and legal issues at the forefront in Australian society and politics. High Court judges must retire at 70 so at 68 1/2 it was interesting to note that he had spied a corner office with a nice view in the Law faculty.


No matter what discipline you are in, Justice Kirby will no doubt be of interest to you.

His Honour has extensive experience, not only as a judge, but also  in international bodies including the World Health Organisation, UNAIDS, UNDP, ILO, UNODC, UNESCO, OECD and the Commonwealth Secretariat.  Between 1993-6 he was Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Human Rights in Cambodia.

Games lab opens its doors


film adaption collection for the main library


gold coast SPORTS CHALLENGE results



Bond Chinese Language student Sally Andersen has won the 2007 Shanghai Cup, a Chinese speaking competition supported by the Queensland Government Department of Education, Training and Arts. For winning the state wide competition Ms Andersen, received return airfares to Shanghai and two weeks' accommodation.

Congratulations to Master of Forensics student Chiron Weber, who has been awarded a $5000 grant from the National Manager of Forensics for the Australian Federal Police. This grant will enable him to work on a DNA hair analysis project.

Bond University has recently been working with the Imnau Foundation Trust "Education Rescue" group to help organise assistance for the Aceh tsunami victims. The group has shipped computers, furniture, supplies and books. Books were one of Bond University’s main contributions with the Student Council generously donating many second hand textbooks to the tsunami victims. Thank you to all those involved!

Associate Professor of Marketing Sudhir H. Kale recently addressed over 400 delegates as keynote speaker on the topic of "Customer Relationship Management, Player Loyalty and Rewards", at the Annual Gaming Conference of The Leagues Clubs Association of New South Wales. Talking of the night Dr Kale said "There could be very attractive opportunities for Bond University to link with this association to provide high quality training and education to the association’s members."

We would also like to congratulate those staff members who have received Teaching and Learning Grants this year. The following are those who have received funding either in whole or part:

  • Amy Kenworthy U’Ren, Marian Williams, Louise Mulligan and Simon Hunter- University-wide cross discipline awareness of the difficulties encountered by International Students within the Bond learning environment.
  • Debra Henly and Sonya Marshall- Implementing and evaluating iLearn as a platform for assessment of problem-based learning.
  • Michael Rees- Enhancing Learning Materials with Screencasting and Podcasting: Production and Deployment Processes.
  • Jonathon Sargeant- CYOBMA, Choose your own behaviour management adventure: experiential learning through multimedia
  • Mike Grenby
  • The PROBE team, Cynthia D Fisher, Ben Shaw, Anthony Erickson and Amy Kenworthy U’Ren
  • Warren Toomey
  • Paul Wilson and Eric Colvin

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