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The Learning Adventure of a Lifetime


Australia is a relatively safe country. Handgun ownership is very rare in Australia, and all firearms are licensed and tightly controlled. The cities are all well patrolled by police and well lit at night. Many foreign visitors to Australia often comment on the overwhelming feeling of safety they feel when traveling in Australia.


Throughout the country, 000 is the number to phone for all police, medical, fire, and other emergencies. 911 will not work in Australia. Campus Down Under students can also contact the Campus Down Under office 24 hours a day while in Australia should they require any urgent assistance.

Remember to call your parents/gaurdian/friends and let them know you have arrivied in Australia. It is not uncommon for parents to call us if they don't hear from you every few weeks.


Australia is one of the worlds leading medical nations and excellent medical care is available. Most Australians are covered by a national health insurance system (called Medicare) which some Australians supplement with private health insurance. Visitors to Australia are not usually covered under the Medicare system. Foreign health insurance is usually not accepted, and in many cases does not provide cover for services rendered outside of your home country. As a student in Australia, you are required to purchase temporary health insurance known as Overseas Student health Cover (OSHC). For semester abroad students it is part of your program fee, for full degree and graduate students, it is listed on your letter of offer for you. It is a compulsory requirement by the Australian Government.